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Who are you in NEWS?

NEWS Ratings: a NEWS stamping community
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NEWS Stamping Community

random intro

Have you ever wanted to know who you are in NEWS? Are you curious about it? Calm Pi? Talkative Koyamama? P-tongue Ryo? Smart-ass Shige? Spoiled Tegoshi? Randomly hyper Notti? Or maybe food lover Massu; who happens to smile often too? You're crybaby like Uchi? REALLY curious? Then, find out which NEWS member resembles you the most in here!


1. No Bashing/Flaming/Trolling is allowed.
2. You must be a member of this community to vote or send application.
3. You must vote for at least 2 applications before you post your own.
4. You can vote someone by dropping a comment on his/her application entry. And please bold your vote. You don't have to state the reason but it is encouraged to do so.
5. Put your application under an LJ-cut.
6. Try to be honest about yourself when filling the application form. No cheating for getting what you want.
7. Tag properly (for your new application: !needstamp).
8. You'll be stamped by a mod after your application has received 5-10 or more (number will increase when more members join the community).
9. Please upload the stamp to your own server.
10. If you're not satisfied with your stamp, then re-apply again a week after you're stamped (and state so in your new application). More information on this can be found at here.
11. To prove you have read the rules, put "Kiseki Okose!" as subject; and do not member-lock your entry, please.
12. Lastly, enjoy! We don't want you to feel caged :]

stamps + application

Theme 000: General - Ver. 1 | Ver. 2 (by heyly)
Theme 001: Matchmaking
Theme 002: Mirror

- One question has been fixed.
- Added "Country".

For themed stamping applications, check under this tag.

Theme 001: Matchmaking
Theme 002: Mirror

after you get stamped

Code 1

Code 2

Code 3

Or you can variate the code. Anything's fine as long as you don't hotlink the stamp and link back here :D


Founder/Stamps Creator/Stamping: violca
Mod/Stamping: karerou
Mod/Stamping: yumenostalgic
Mod/Stamping/Graphics: kimmyxfleur
Mod/Stamping: miss_jelly
Mod/Stamping: lastingdreams8
Mod/Stamping/Graphics: cerulean_ai

Ex: xsupamotion

Stamps Donator: heyly


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